About Us:


Our objective is to conduct the foreclosure process in a way that holds the lender and our company accountable to the homeowner. The homeowner must be provided immediate and accountable information regarding their foreclosure. Our employees take the time to not only answer all questions a homeowner may have but also treat them with respect and courtesy.

In California the foreclosure process is a 3 month and 21 day process that allows time for the homeowner to resolve their delinquency. It starts with the filing of a NOTICE OF DEFAULT. During the next three months, called the REINSTATEMENT PERIOD, the homeowner has the right to reinstate or payoff their loan in full. Typically most do reinstate or payoff during this three month period. If not the property will be sold at public auction.

11839 Sorrento Valley Road Suite #903 San Diego, CA 92121 

(858) 565-4466 Office (858) 565-2137 Fax

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